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"A place for me to exist without scrutiny"

Hey, I'm Lutzbug. I'm like 30 and I'm old enough to remember Geocities. I wanted to make my own website back in the day, but I was too intimidated by coding to even bother--that and I was a kid with no patience and a fear of joining the Internet. I feel like I missed out. Now that corporations and techbros have taken over the internet, having my own quiet little corner is more meaningful than ever.

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Krazy Noodle Massacre

Krazy Noodle Massacre [18+]

Gideon is a fidgety hermit who builds giant noodle sculptures he won’t let anyone look at. He’s being haunted by a psychic brain parasite named Gabriel who pretends to be his friend, but encourages his worst paranoid thoughts so he can feed off his negative emotional energy. Meanwile, Rhodes and Dempsey, a pair of married gay nerds, become obsessed with Gideon’s strange public behavior and treat him like their own personal cryptid. Follow the spiral of bizarre events that unfolds because of their unchecked voyeuristic tendencies and internalized ableism!

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